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Destitute Americans

Consular personnel can assist U.S. citizens in Mexico who are temporarily destitute due to robbery or other unforeseen circumstances. If an American is in this situation, there are a number of alternatives:

  • Contacting Home: Consular personnel will assist the American in contacting family, friends, or employers in the U.S. or in Mexico for financial help.
  • Wiring Money Directly: Consular personnel can provide information on the various methods of transferring funds directly to the U.S. citizen.
  • Credit Card Company: Another alternative is to contact the American's credit card company/companies. They might be able to advance temporary funds. They may also be able to verify the credit card directly to hotel or airline to enable checking-out at hotel, obtaining replacement airline tickets, or receiving other emergency services such as a temporary increase in the line of credit. NOTE: If your credit card was lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to the credit card company.
  • Bank to Bank Transfers: It may also be possible to transfer funds directly from a bank in the U.S. to a bank in the foreign country where the U.S. citizen could then receive the funds. Many foreign banks require, however, that the U.S. citizen establish a foreign bank account to use this service. Bank to bank transfers can take several days to accomplish.

If none of these alternatives resolve the financial emergency, Consulate personnel will work with the American citizen to explore other options.