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Sending Money

Sending Money

Should you lose your money and other financial resources, the Consulate can help you contact your family, bank, or employer to arrange for them to send funds. In an emergency, it is possible to transfer funds to that U.S. citizen via the State Department, which establishes a trust account for the individual. The American can collect those funds at a specific Embassy or Consulate. This process can take several days before funds could be available. You are encouraged, therefore, to use one of the commercial services outlined.

For Those Who Want to Receive Funds at U.S. Consulate Nuevo Laredo

Funds from a trust account can only be disbursed in the morning between 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. The person collecting the funds must present a government-issued photo I.D. If someone other than the recipient is collecting the funds, a written authorization--specifying the name of the person authorized to receive the funds--will be required. That person will be required to present a photo I.D. in order to receive the funds.

The Mexican government offers a monthly updated consumer’s report on wire transfer companies through PROFECO (Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor). You may contact them free of charge from the U.S. at 1-877-868-8722, from Mexico at 01-800-903-1300, or you may check the PROFECO website.